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Garrick is a renowned British watchmaker creating exquisitely crafted timepieces by hand. Founded by David Brailsford and Simon Michlmayr, Garrick established its workshop in Norfolk to uphold fine watchmaking traditions through innovation and bespoke artistry.

Working in strictly limited volumes, Garrick's skilled team produces no more than 50 watches annually. They utilize meticulous techniques, ensuring components like dials, hands and movement parts are manufactured entirely in-house. Operated under positive air pressure, the pristine workshop enables flawless craftsmanship.

Each Garrick watch exudes superb finishing, from bevelled bridges and circular graining to ornate chatons. Clients may also commission customized surface textures and adornments. Garrick's exclusive calibers further exemplify mechanical mastery, featuring high-frequency balances and immaculate hand-tuning.

Official timekeepers to British racing, Garrick imbues its watches with character distinctly rooted in national heritage. While honoring centuries of horology, the brand also pushes new boundaries through collaborations with master movement maker Andreas Strehler.

Dedicated to bespoke creations and client satisfaction, Garrick provides a personalized design service. Timepieces emerge as unique works of art reflecting individual tastes and style.

Now internationally recognized among aficionados, Garrick continues its mission to produce finely crafted British watches in modest numbers yet vast detail. Each serves as a testament to the enduring artisanal skills and passion driving the English watch renaissance.

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