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The Art of Watchmaking


Independent watchmakers are playing an interesting role in the industry. After a long journey working through challenges and constraints, hard work pays off. We are moving into a cycle, where independent watchmakers are highly demanded, earning more shares, and simply have changed the buying habits and expectations of customers. While customers put more emphasis on quality with exceptional value, they are relatively keen on prior subscription with a long delivery lead time. They have been following on the new dynamic and playing an important role in the industry, offering their passion and trust to a small group of excellent watchmakers.


The Lost Connection

With limited resources and in rare production, the creations from independent watchmakers, despite are visible on the digital platform, are rarely physically seen and somehow, there is a lost connection between the independent watchmakers and the market. We see a need to have a visible spot with a master collection to mature for a long-lasting value.



SWISS PRESTIGE - Mechanical Art

Inspired by the very first watchmaking art gallery launched in Shanghai 2011- the Time Art Gallery which was built by Swiss Prestige together with Greubel Forsey. Following on the footsteps, we have decided to invest on a mechanical art gallery in Hong Kong, with the most fascinating collection to share and view the exclusive masterpieces hand crafted by independent watchmakers.

Located at the ground floor in the Peninsula Hong Kong, the SWISS PRESTIGE is a media platform to present the leading inventors and promising watchmakers in the industry. It is a physical platform supporting to cultivate the art in micro-mechanical engineering and promotes the primitive value of watchmaking. We are a physical spot for top niche watch exhibitions, a regional ambassador for independent watchmakers and an exclusive exhibitor to work with regional dealers and collectors.

Named and founded by Mr. Emil Klingelfuss and Mr. Jean Claude Biver in 1988, Swiss Prestige has been supporting independent watch brands for the past few decades. We helped to build up brands in Asia Pacific including Blancpain, Gérald Genta, Ulysse Nardin, Corum, Oris, Hublot and Greubel Forsey. We are currently a regional agent and distributor for independent micro-brands including Armin Strom, Greubel Forsey, Moritz Grossmann, Roman Gauthier, Christiaan Van Der Klaauw, Garrick England, Chronoswiss and Charles Girardier and more.

Welcome to SWISS PRESTIGE, we are expecting to present you the story behind every masterpiece, and looking forward to having more sharing and exchanges with you.

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