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Arnold & Son

Arnold & Son is a premier Swiss luxury watchmaking brand known for its creativity, authenticity, and aesthetics that pay homage to the pioneering work of John Arnold.

Founded in London in 1764 by John Arnold, the brand is renowned for its mastery of complicated watchmaking functions and perpetual innovation. It continuously reinvents itself to solve the challenges of timekeeping, just as John Arnold did in the 18th century through innovations like the compensation balance and helical balance spring.

Arnold & Son timepieces are instantly recognizable for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Every aspect of their design, from the three-dimensional architecture of movements to guilloche dials, honors classic horology while showcasing contemporary finesse. Special functions like deadbeat seconds and dual time zones directly reference John Arnold's innovations.

As an independent manufacutre, Arnold & Son creates all of its approximately 20 calibers in-house at its sister manufacture La Joux-Perret. This underscores its authentic commitment to fine Swiss watchmaking tradition and perpetuating Arnold's legacy.

Limited production runs ensure exclusivity, with timepieces priced fairly for their excellence. Arnold & Son stands out through balanced, nuanced designs that delight both the eyes and mind. Its collections appeal to discerning customers seeking unique, heirloom-quality pieces representative of Britain's rich history in horology.

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