Swiss Prestige Ltd. is established in 1988 by Emil J.F. Klingelfuss and Jean-Claude Biver with the purpose of representing Swiss watch manufacturers in Asia. From the very beginning Swiss Prestige specialised itself in marketing and distribution of mechanical Swiss watches. Blancpain and Oris were amongst the first brands Swiss Prestige helped to build up in various countries across Asia. For over 15 years (1988-2005) Swiss Prestige was the sole distributor of Blancpain in many countries in Asia, before handing it back to the Swatch Group as a successfully developed and established brand. Other exclusive brands Swiss Prestige helped to establish in Asia in the past are amongst others Corum, Hublot, Gerald Genta and Ulysse Nardin.

Today the company is firmly established as a leading distributor of fine Swiss watches throughout Asia. Through its head office and subsidiaries, Swiss Prestige represents well-known Swiss watch brands in Hong Ko...



Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have been working together for nearly 20 years in a relationship founded on their shared technical creativity and quest for perfection.

In 1999 they began working on a new generation of tourbillon specifically designed to improve the timekeeping of the mechanical watch. Four years later they unveiled "Greubel Forsey" and stunned horological aficionados with their innovative Double Tourbillon 30°, a timepiece clearly demonstrating their twin goals of innovation and excellence.

Robert and Stephen continue to build on their deep traditional knowledge gained with four decades of combined experience in high-end complicated timepieces, by inventing and developing technically valid horological complications to rigorous aesthetic principles.

"We are sculptors of time, choreographers of the passing hours and architects of watch movement - with a ...


Charles Girardier known as "Girardier the Elder", a brilliant Geneva watchmaker of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Master watchmaker in 1809.

In 2018 Patrick A. Ulm attracted by the masterpieces in the museums of Agatha Christie UK, Geneva and Paris. He then bought pocket watches from collectors. He finally decided to revive 11the sleeping beaut 11 characterized by original mechanical animations enhanced by an enamel dial.

The new chapter in the history of the watchmaking house Charles Girardier is a contemporary tribute to its va-lues and its particular style. His creations of two centuries ago have inspired us for the patented mechanical animation of the 11Mysterious Signature11 enhanced by grand feu enamel.



Armin Strom upholds the superb hand craftsmanship and tradition of Swiss watchmaking while pursuing technical innovation. Its collections embody how modern technology, such as machine finishing, can enhance the performance and artistry of a fine timepiece. By always exposing the movement in some way, Armin Strom exalts the essence of horological excellence.

Watchmaker Armin Strom founded the company in 1967 in Burgdorf. He sold the firm to the Michel family in 2006 and officially retired in 2011. Michel and Greisler transformed the firm's watchmaking capabilities by establishing a full-scale, vertical Manufacture in 2008. Since that time, ARMIN STROM has developed and produced ten in-house movements, including a micro-rotor tourbillon and a resonance, a resonating dual regulator.



Romain Gauthier is an exclusive high-end watch manufacture based in the Vallée de Joux, Switzerland. The manufacture blends skilled craftsmen and time-honoured watchmaking tools with experienced technicians and cutting-edge production methods, allowing Romain Gauthier to design, produce, decorate, assemble and regulate in house all movements for the brand’s timepieces.

While all this savoir-faire means that quality is uncompromised and precision is impressive, it also imbues Romain Gauthier timepieces with a rare beauty and unique soul.


Pure Watchmaking Artistry Since 1854

A place of origin is a realm that fulfils the need for identity, security, and individualism in life. In the 19th century, Moritz Grossmann found it in a small town in the Ore Mountains: Glashütte. In his atelier there, the exceptionally gifted pioneer developed technically outstanding watch models.

More than 100 years later, watchmaker Christine Hutter discovered the heritage of Moritz Grossmann in Glashütte and established a new manufacture. Today, this is where ancestral craftsmanship is reinterpreted with modern technology. The beginning of a new era in the name of Moritz Grossmann: Origin of a new time.


“Swiss Watchmaking with English Roots”


Named after John Arnold, English watchmaker of the 18th century renowned for his ingenuity and work on marine chronometers, Arnold & Son perpetuates today his legacy, exploring contemporary ways to interpret traditional watch craftsmanship.

From its Manufacture based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, cradle of the Swiss watchmaking industry, Arnold & Son develops its timepieces in-house including its complicated calibres. The House established iconic collections such as the Time Pyramid with its unique architecture, the Nebula featuring a fully skeletonized movement, the HM Perpetual Moon displaying one of the biggest moon phases on the market or the Globetrotter, impressive three-dimensional worldtimer.

John Arnold (1736 – 1799)

Born in Cornwall, he left England for the Netherlands at the age of 19 and returned to London speaking fluent German. This stood him in good standing at the court of King George III, from the House of Hanover, to whom Arnold presented a ring with the smallest half-quarter repeater ever made.

John Arnold is known as one of the most innovative watchmakers of his day and held patents for a detent escapement, a bimetallic balance and a helical balance spring. Arnold also played a central role in the significant events of his age, such as the competition to determine longitude at sea, and won several grants and awards offered by the British Board of Longitude.



Chronoswiss is a modern mechanical watch brand: the symbiosis of horological know-how, nonconformist designs, modern materials and classical artisanal mastery. They don’t try to turn back time – they simply back up their time with classical handicrafts to elevate their instantly recognisable, contemporary timepieces. Their resilient horological machines are made by and for the 21st century.

Chronoswiss progressive watchmaking pushes the boundaries by combining modern materials, artisanal skills and innovative designs. Their creative inventions and in-house capacity allow them to offer handcrafted modern mechanical horology in a surprising price range. They see this as a modern adaptation of horological heritage aimed at watch lovers with a unique vision of what life can be.



ASTRONOMY, TIME IN ITS PUREST FORM is the source of inspiration for the most famous watchmaker in the Netherlands. Christiaan van der Klaauw, an honorary member of the prestigious AHCI, founded the company - Christiaan van der Klaauw Astronomical Watches - in 1974. Christiaan van der Klaauw Astronomical Watches is the only atelier in the world that is completely devoted to the design and the production of exclusive, hand-made astronomical watches.

In 2009, a new era began for Christiaan van der Klaauw. He was succeeded by the Dutch designer Daniel Reintjes. Daniel Reintjes had known Christiaan for many years, ever since he had asked him to produce watches for his own designer label ‘Dark Rush’. He got on extremely well with the watchmaker he respected so highly, brought Maurice Doppert and Maria Reintjes van Laar into the project as fellow shareholders and started repositioning the brand. The new directors decided to focus exclusively on astronomical watches; the phrase ‘astronomical watches’ was added to the brand name and models with new, beautiful astronomical complications were added. This new direction was immediately awarded by winning the ‘Watch of the Year Award’ in 2011, and the prestigious European Watch of the Year Award in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

The main characteristic of the CVDK watches is the astronomical complication. Every watch has one or more complications that originate from astronomy. All watches feature the same, round case design. Each of our watches is instantly recognizable, with the hour indexes above an imaginary horizon, the astronomical complication normally situated at the 6 o‘clock position, a radiantly decorated dial and a transparent case-back with a beautiful CVDK rotor. And finally a stylized picture of the sun with 12 claws (Klaauw = claw) at 12 o‘clock, the sun’s zenith. All these beautiful timepieces are made with great attention for detail and only the finest and best materials are used for our collection. We produce in such small quantities per year that each watch can be seen as a limited edition. All watches are therefore numbered.



De Bethune is an independent Swiss watch manufacturer located at L’Auberson, in the Jura mountain pastures of the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. Here, some 30 employees, including watchmakers, engineers, developer-designers, micromechanical engineers, polishers and decorators focus firmly on the research and development of technical and aesthetic innovations in the spirit of the great 18th century master watchmakers.
Tourbillons, perpetual calendars, chronometers, deadbeat seconds, spherical moons, bridges, wheels, pallet-levers, balance wheels, pinions, balance springs and screws as well as cases, dials, floating lugs and hands... Each component is individually designed and crafted with meticulous attention to the slightest detail, including the traditional “Côtes De Bethune” and Microlight engraving.
The brand designs, develops and produces all its timepieces within its own Manufacture. Since its foundation,

De Bethune has developed no fewer than 28 calibres, presented some 30 world premieres and registered a large number of patents as well as producing 150 one-off pieces.
De Bethune has received the highest distinctions awarded by the watch industry all over the world, including the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève “Aiguille d’Or” Grand Prix for the best watch of the year.

Today, Denis Flageollet, co-founder of the brand and master watchmaker, together with CEO Pierre Jacques, are spearheading the future of the company. The pure style, clean lines and delicacy of the cases represent the inimitable hallmark of De Bethune creations.
De Bethune’s timepieces can be seen worldwide in our 25 exclusive points of sale and in our showroom in the heart of Geneva’s old city, in a refined, yet welcoming, contemporary setting that wholly embodies the spirit of De Bethune.